Ms. Paula Castillo was employed as an intern with USA Translations, a Division of WORDEXPRESS CORPORATION from February 5th, 2015 to April 24th, 2015. She worked as a marketing and project management assistant, translator, editor, proofreader and transcriber in the Spanish, French, Portuguese and English languages. From April 2015 until the present Paula is employed as a freelance translator by our company.

Through her entire internship as well as her freelance experience with our company, she showed an extraordinary level of motivation, outstanding language skills and kept an excellent attitude in spite of the challenging requirements. Paula would be a great asset to any company and we highly recommend her as a reliable, experienced and professional linguist.

Polina Vakulchik
Project Manager at USA Translations

USA Translations




De las traducciones de Paula Castillo destaco la rapidez con la que trabaja y su versatilidad. Normalmente solicito traducciones del inglés al español, pero también del español a otros idiomas, y siempre ha respondido satisfactoriamente. Estoy muy contento con sus servicios, ya que me facilita mi trabajo.

Raúl Castrillo
Castrillo Técnicas Hospitalarias